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Estum believes that knowledge and understanding of the clients industry is as important as in depth technology expertise in order to provide appropriate solutions to them. We offer cost effective recruitment process outsourcing services to meet today's complex business challenges.
The intensity of our solution offerings is matured recruiting model and our strong team of recruiters.


Highly standardized recruitment processes that is transparent to all stakeholders.
Reduced TAT and On boarding Time
SLA Based Deliveries
Cost Effective Volume based models to leverage spend
Efficient sourcing strategies to build rich talent pipeline.
A Dedicated team of highly committed professionals to drive the engagement success.
Automated Tool Driven Tracking and Reporting


This is a model where we work with organizations in developing fresh flair of skills at entry levels positions based on the requirement from the client organization. The entire training structure, including the entry criteria of the candidates is designed and developed as per the requirements of the Client, which gives beneficial result in saving cost, infrastructure used for delivering core functions

Areas Of Expertise

Operations, Logistics and SCM

Operations and supply chain form the bedrock of your business infrastructure. We know how this function has evolved beyond infrastructure building, logistics management, supply synchronization and performance measurement. And that's why we find you experts who drive your business forward, every single day.
Your operations are built by people who care about their craft and understand your business. Finding these people is at the core of our selection process. Our specialists identify great talent aligned to your business goals before ensuring a cultural fit that's designed to drive profits for you and satisfaction for your team

Support Functions

We understand the importance support functions play in helping you keep everything on track. Our excellence lies in finding teams who will embrace your company’s culture and opportunities. Our combination of tech and touch is created for organizations looking to combine success with value. From administrative support to shared services, our proven track record in finding the right talent will take your company to the next level.

Product management And Information Technology

Technology is your business. And we have the people to make it work. We know that agility and innovation are essential to your success and our experts only have one purpose - to find you the right match. Our combination of tech and touch is created for the modern agile organization focused on success. From product management professionals to digital transformation experts, our proven track record in finding the right talent will take your organization forward.


Healthcare has become one of India's largest sectors. For a niche sector that operates on fast turnaround coupled with calculated precision, the war for talent is just heating up. To ensure that you are at the cutting edge of the research & development, you need talent that understands the trends and can deliver what you expect. This calls for expertise in identifying and engaging right talent. With a combination of right tech and touch, our consultants help you find the rock stars that take humans forward.

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