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E-Publications Services

We understand the importance of Publishing services and their importance in imparting knowledge globally. With firm footing in the areas of Digital Publishing, Data Conversion, Data Digitization & support services, Estum has been and will continue providing customer centric solutions.

Our goal is to achieve complete customer satisfaction and we strongly believe that our Customer's satisfaction is the direct reflection of the quality services we offer. Every client is precious to us and therefore we strive to give our best to them

Digital Publishing Services

Online publishing or Electronic publishing is our core competency that makes us stand apart from our competitors. We serve our customers in digital publication of eBooks and electronic articles. Our team is well experienced to handle the digital publishing with utmost care and expertise.


eBook Conversion & Publication Services

Enhanced eBooks publishing services




Content Conversion

Keyboarding and Data Entry

Data Capture


Translation is communicating the meaning of a source-language text by means of target-language text. It is a challenging task that requires a strong knowledge of languages, good writing skills and, often, knowledge of a specific subject.

Translators are trained to make sure the content, context and style of the original text is maintained. The language used by them is accurate. We use native translators who are specialists in the field. Our translators have thorough knowledge of vocabulary in the field of expertise, thus resulting in higher quality and reduced costs.

Languages in Translation






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