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Contract Staffing

Estum has a full service range in staffing areas strengthened and backed by its vast experience of working with many organization in varied domains. We have tailor made solutions to address each of the segment and business requirement on the ground to make it truly flexible and seamless element that get's embedded to your core business as and when required driving the benefits and productivity gains with clear business outcomes.

Rate Card Based

This is especially useful when the organization wants to use the contract to hire model for ramping up their resource needs while
having the control on the overall costs with a predictability of the costing for their internal reporting and planning.

Case To Case

In this model the partner organization has the option of setting a range for a position based or has a profile shortlisted and finalizes the rate on case to case basis upon technical selection of the presented candidate. This model gives the flexibility to choose the lowest cost re-sources among many choices that the partner organization may have in terms of the availability of the skill / candidate. This will also give a flexibility of addressing market situations when some skills are more / less in demand and there by getting the candidates at the right cost.

Cost Plus

Our cost plus model offers our partners to experience the cost reduction and increasing the predictability of the cost by offering complete transparency of the ESTUM costs and margins apart from increasing the predictability of the costs to partner organization this model gives the flexibility to manage the workforce better. This will ensure that the partner organization to "TRY and BUY" instead of "BUY and TRY"

One Time Placement

Candidates are offered for permanent or one time placement as per the when the organization is looking at inducting talent for the core skills and knowledge retention is a key requirement

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